About Ramune

My WordPress blog is inspired by my experiences in engineering, technology, and music and ranges in style from essays to fiction. I see similarities in my journey as an engineer and as a musician- from intense creativity and collaborative relationships to the frustrations of challenging the status quo.

I work as an engineer in high tech. My vision for a future industry-scale chiplet ecosystem has been featured in Wired, AnandTech, and IEEE Spectrum. For several years I led research in wearable technologies and usage models. I have eleven technical publications and thirteen issued or pending patents related to transistor device physics, high performance semiconductor technologies, and wearable technology usage models. My professional technology profile can be found on LinkedIn.

For fun I play in two bands, Rocket 3 and Avalanche Lily, in Portland, Oregon. Music, videos, pictures, and stories about my bands can be found at www.ramune.org. I have also written about many amazing local musicians in the Portland Notes music blog




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